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The Kirtaniyas at MantraFest, France
At the summer festival MantraFest on 26-29 June 2015, Vijay and Saraswati of The Kirtanyas performed traditional Indian kirtans in a field near the town known as Ganges, in Southern France.

Besides unplugged sessions on the grass, the Kirtanyas performed every night on the main stage their still more popular upbeat Bhangra-styled mantra chants, with high-tech...More and View
Aloft In The Dhama - Part Three
The giant central dome is closing in. The three upper layers of steel panels will soon be in place, leaving only the concrete shell to be laid right against the steel dome. The Kalash will then be fitted atop the dome, almost doubling its height.

This third video in the "Aloft" series scales the central dome and the right dome, where the altar to Nrisimhadeva stands. The maha-mantra is played a few times from the...More and View
Images of Nepal - Part One
This is a ten-minute teaser set on a live bhajan and Nepali music from Buddhist Incantations - Meditation Sounds of Buddhist Chants and Mantras.

Before this footage collects any more dust in an old Bhak.TV hard drive, I decided to at least edit and share this excerpt (and another one soon coming) from the extensive footage I'd shot on a 2011 trip to Nepal with...More and View
Droova - Prince of Anger and Peace
Droova, Prince of Anger & Peace is a play adapted by Bhaktimarga Swami from the ancient epic story of Droova, a young boy who runs to the forest to meet God. Full of anger after being insulted by his step mother, Droova's prayer is to petition God for a kingdom greater than that of Brahma. Upon meeting God in person, however, Droova changes his mind and...More and View
Krishna Mountain - NEW TRAILER
This is a three-minute trailer to an upcoming feature-length documentary on the spectacular upsurge of visitors to Govardhan Hill, North India.

For centuries, steady but modest numbers have kept to the practice of circumambulating the hill, which is regarded as the epicentre of Lord Krishna's pastimes in ancient India? Today those numbers have suddenly soared to millions.
...More and View
Mayapur Village Kirtan
Yesterday I ventured into the village temple on Taranpur Road. It was their annual seven-day festival, in the wake of Gaura Purnima. Two days were set aside exclusively for nama kirtan but, as fate had it, I arrived at the very last performance on the second night. It was soul-stirring.

The next evening I was back for more , this time with an assistant, two HD cameras on stands, a GoPro on steadycam...More and View
The Navadwip Parikrama 2015
This twenty-one-minute video shows carefully selected moments from ISKCON's International Navadwip Parikrama 2015. The event took place on 22-28 Feb, and was organised by the ISKCON World Headquaters at Mayapur Dhama.

Mayapur TV cameras followed the pilgrimage, and requested BhakTV to produce a short video taster for the Internet. The video is not a day-by-day account. It covers the opening day and the final day of the week-long event....More and View
Krishna Mountain (Excerpt from a 60min full doc)
This is a ten-minute teaser from a 60min documentary, to be released next winter.

Twenty five kilometers west of the Indian holy town of Mathura in North India, amidst twelve forests in the land of Braj, is a long, narrow, and intriguing hill. Roughly ten kilometers long and barely a couple hundred meters wide, Govardhan Hill enjoys the odd privilege of having throngs of pilgrims walk around it day and night, seven days a week, summer and...More and View
Radharani's Palace
This is a brisk two-minute drop of nectar from Srimati Radharani's magic abode. The use of drone technology to rise into the air in Varshana's sunset creates a perfect mood for darshan of the supreme Feminine Godhead.
The devotional ascension, in synergy with the superb score by grammy award-winner Ilan Chester, takes the viewer up the palace's fortress with an ease that bhakti alone can provide. Such an effect ...More and View
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