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The Award Story

Vasudeva das holding the Trophy

The Award Story

Many senior ISKCON members fondly recall this old ITV classic, which, to our knowledge, remains the only ISKCON film ever to receive an award from a conventional film organization. The award was conferred by the American Video Conference in 1989, which sponsored a competition among professional documentary makers from across the entire USA.

Furthermore, the award was presented on Sunset Boulevard, at the Director’s Guild of America, by the American Film Institute, Billboard, and the Hollywood Reporter, four of the most prestigious institutions in the film world.

For the then budding film maker Vasudeva Das to have his first serious production even nominated for an award had been quite unexpected. Beyond this, after the nominated film won first prize, more than a few incredulous eyebrows were raised while reading the good news in ISKCON World Review. Vasudeva Das recalls, “Nrsimhananda prabhu of ITV in LA is the one who prompted me to enter the contest. He and Siddhanta prabhu thought I might get lucky and be granted a nomination, but there was no question of winning the award outright. So when that happened, I thought that either there had been a huge mistake, or Krsna wanted to somehow lift me up in His own munificent way’

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